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Sapphire Flame Retardant

Sapphire Flame Retardant CC has been around since 1975, manufacturing this Proudly South African product. Sapphire Flame Retardant is a remarkable water-based, ready-to-use product that can be used on most modern materials.

Sapphire Flame Retardant has been SANS tested in accordance with the SANS 10177 PART 9 protocol, which tests for flame spread on combustible materials used in buildings. Sapphire Flame Retardant is a trusted and recommended product and our certificates are recognized by authorities.

Preventing flame spread is one of the most important properties for an effective flame retardant on combustible materials. together with the time it takes for said combustible materials to eventually ignite. The big hazard with any fire is its ability to spread flames quickly and this causes damage over an infinitely wider area. With an efficient flame retarding product such as Sapphire Flame Retardant you stop the flame propagating or spreading beyond the area of contact as well as the risk from any dangerous afterglow.

A flame retarding product does not stop material from charring in the vicinity of the flame, or in the case of thermoplastic materials such as nylon, from melting. Materials treated with Sapphire Flame Retardant retain their elasticity, it does not crystallize, is colourless, is supplied ready to use and does not mark or stain if absorbed into fabric.

Sapphire Flame Retardant is adapted to the treatment on natural and synthetic fibre textiles such as curtains, work cloths, bedspreads, work gloves, foam mattress, rugs, carpets, upholstery, tenting materials, etc. It is effective not only on natural fibres (cotton, wool, etc.) but also on most synthetic materials (including acetate, acrylic and polyester fibres) and blended fabrics. It imparts excellent flame retardancy to these materials and reduces afterglow to a minimum. It can be applied to fabrics and many other materials, by spraying, painting or by dipping.

There are also many speciality products for which Sapphire Flame Retardant is ideal for, including bed foam mattresses, hay bales, dried grass matting and certain synthetic plastics such as styrofoam and polystyrene and it is used on building construction materials, including unfinished timber and acoustic ceiling tiles.

No hotel, home, school, factory, hospital, prison, theatre, aircraft or place of public gathering should ever be without the protection offered by Sapphire on draping, curtains, carpets and soft furnishings including upholstered furniture. The product was developed to positively flame retard almost every flammable material.

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“Environmentally friendly” flame retardants break down into potentially toxic chemicals
A gas flame is placed against a piece of fabric treated with Sapphire Flame Retardant.
Once the flame is removed there is no residue flame or flame spread.