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Fireman Brand Welding Blanket ™

The FiremanBrand Welding Blanket ™ is a non-woven product that does not burn, melt, soften or drip. It is a light weight and flexible blanket to be used as a fire or welding blanket and to protect sensitive areas from grinding sparks and welding splatter.


The blanket was initially introduced into the auto panel beating industry to protect cars during welding  but has grown  into various applications such as mining, heavy welding procedures, engineering, marine, and protection of  expensive machinery during maintenance shut downs.  It is also used as an emergency fire blanket to extinguish fires by cutting off the oxygen supply or to wrap around a person in case of a fire.

Properties of the Fireman Brand Welding Blanket ™

  • Non-toxic welding/fire blanket which does not contain fiberglass nor asbestos
  • Non-flammable welding/fire blanket
  • Non abrasive welding/fire blanket
  • Can withstand 1000ºC + at short periods
  • Soft and light weight welding/fire blanket which drapes easily over curved and cornered areas
  • Protects against open flames, welding splatter, grinding sparks and direct heat
  • Drapes easily around curved surfaces
  • The FiremanBrand welding Blanket ™ is re-usable

Some uses for the Fireman Brand Welding Blanket ™

  • Automotive industry – the protection of the upholstery and finished sprayed areas from grinding sparks and welding splatter.
  • Mining industry – the FiremanBrand Welding blanket ™ is not toxic, environmentally safe and its lightweight it is used above the rubber conveyer belts and wrapped around wooden support beams to protect the rubber belts and wooden support beams from hot molten splatter, grinding sparks and welding sparks.
  • Marine industry – used as compliant welding blanket for off shore welding applications and confident to use as fire blankets to kill fires off shore, used as an application to cover personal when a fire does break out off shore and has been requested and used in the engine compartment of boats.
  • Maintenance protective covers – used on wooden scaffolding at oil refineries, protection of substations, generators, the covering of expensive machinery during routine maintenance from grinding sparks and welding splatter.

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The FiremanBrand welding blanket ™ can withstand 800°C for extended periods.
The blanket in use during auto-repair work, protecting the vehicle against grinding sparks and welding splatter.
Hemmed & eyeletted blanket